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Advertising Opportunities

Attorney Directory Listings


Our attorney directory allows the public to find a lawyer using either keyword or practice-area searching and produces targeted results by geographic location. A listing in the directory allows an attorney to focus his or her advertising exposure to a targeted audience. GetLegal’s attorney directory operates on a three-tier system; each tier is a great way to reach potential clients online.

Banner Ads


Boost exposure and increase traffic to your website by purchasing an eye-catching banner ad on one of our sites or in the biweekly GetLegal newsletter. We offer many opportunities for businesses to place ads with links back to the advertiser’s site. Our family of five sites gives you a variety of options to target ads to either the public or legal professionals. We can help you determine the best spot for your ad based on your target audience.

Video Ads


Video has had a major impact on the way we receive information online. At GetLegalTV, the only all-legal broadcast network on the Internet, we offer you the opportunity to advertise with pre-roll video ads on our legal information, news and commentary videos. We also offer pre-roll ads on the high-definition video content featured in GetLegal’s Legal Information Center.

Content Sponsorships


With content sponsorships, attorneys have the ability to advertise their practice directly on topic-specific legal information pages geared to the general public. By purchasing a sponsored link on a page related to your specific area of practice, you can target potential clients who already are seeking legal information in that area. Content sponsorships further target your local audience by appearing based on geographic information entered by the user.

If you're interested in taking advantage of one or more of the many advertising opportunities with GetLegal and our family of sites, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you soon. Or if you’d like to contact a representative immediately, call 817-358-2103

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