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  • Fort Worth Won’t Join Challenge to Law Banning Sanctuary Cities in Texas

    There has been a lot of controversy after the Fort Worth City Council voted against joining Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston in a lawsuit against Texas Senate Bill No. 4. ("SB4"), also known as the “Ban on Sanctuary Cities”. SB4 prohibits Texas cities and counties from adopting policies... Read more

  • Millions at Risk in Equifax Data Breach

    In the most massive data breach ever, more than 143 million Americans may have been compromised after hackers broke into the files of Equifax, one of the country's (and the world's) largest collectors and providers of personal credit information. Officials at Equifax have admitted that there was u... Read more

  • Dumped Over Trump

    What happens when “until death do us part” doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough? What if you wake up one day next to someone who is nothing like the person you married? They have become so different that you reach a point where you no longer want to continue living with them as their spou... Read more

  • Workplace Bullying: You Don’t Have to Take It

    Bullying is something most of us have to deal with as children, either on the playground or in grade school. Some might argue that bullying builds character and prepares you for the “real world” and all of its injustices. That may be so, but what happens when bullying continues long after yo... Read more

  • Supreme Court Allows Limited Version of Trump’s Travel Ban to Take Effect

    The Supreme Court issued a decision today lifting parts of the injunction against Trump’s executive order seeking to ban foreign nationals of six countries from entering the United States for 90 days. The ruling effectively allows foreigners with ties or relationships in the U.S. to enter the coun... Read more