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  • Should Images of Animal Cruelty Be Protected Under the First Amendment?

    April 24, 2009 With the high-profile arrest and conviction of the NFL's Michael Vick, more people than ever are aware of the illegality of dogfighting. And now, the issue is coming before the United States Supreme Court...sort of. Robert Stevens isn't at the center of a case that will soon be ... Read more

  • Your Privacy Rights on Myspace and Facebook May Be Less Than You Think

    April 8, 2009 Many of us underestimate how much we count on a sort of privacy that relies on others not taking the time or energy to check up on us. It is not real privacy – in theory, someone might pull public records, such as an old citation or lawsuit that would embarrass us, but who's going... Read more

  • Florida Decision Rejects False Light Claims, but Media Gains Are Uncertain

    Oct. 27, 2008 Can a true story place a person in a false light? Until last week, the state of Florida had never clearly decided whether to recognize a cause of action called “false light invasion of privacy.” For potential defendants like newspapers, false light had become a stalking horse o... Read more

  • Drafting Mistake in Marijuana Law Creates Problems for Georgia Court

    Oct. 14, 2008 Judges don’t get up in the morning to fix legislative mistakes. They’ll take their best shot at what the word “reasonable” means in a particular context, but for the most part, you can’t ask them to pretend, for example, that the word “more” is the word “less” ... Read more

  • Appeals Court Runs Out of Patience for One Man’s Free Litigation

    Oct. 7, 2008 Once again, Tyrone Hurt has been rebuffed. Hurt, who seems to file lawsuits as either a hobby or a compulsion, has appealed lower-court dismissals of more than 70 cases in the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006. He sues “defendants” that include the Decla... Read more