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  • What Is Probate?

    About halfway through the live action/animation classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit, hard-boiled detective Eddie Valiant is searching for ways to clear the titular cartoon star from the suspicion of murdering a wealthy property owner. Valiant directs his assistant to “check the probate” for the murd... Read more

  • Challenging a Will

    You’ve seen this dramatic moment play out a dozen times or more in movies and television shows: a family gathers for the reading of a will; the attorney announces its provisions; everyone gasps. The expected heir has been disinherited; he storms out, declaring, “I’ll see you in court!” But... Read more

  • Selecting a Probate or Estate Attorney

    A loved one passes away. You and other family members are in mourning. Eventually a will is produced. After reading the will, you find you have significant problems with what the will says. Now what do you do? You need to find a probate or estate lawyer and have a consultation to determine wheth... Read more