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  • Dog Bites and Liability

    We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend, that pets can brighten our days and lengthen our lives. But what happens if your pet misbehaves? Worse, what happens if your dog injures someone? Common law followed the “one-bite” rule, which held a dog owner liable for injuries caused by ... Read more

  • State Laws on Firearms and Domestic Abuse

    Recently, Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature unanimously approved a bill that would require people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence to turn in their firearms within 24 hours. In passing this measure, Pennsylvania joins 29 other states and the District of Columbia that restr... Read more

  • Rethinking Incarceration for Young Offenders

    New York and North Carolina were the last two states to treat offenders under the age of 18 as adults. However, in the past two years, both states have begun to implement reforms that will distinguish the ways that juvenile offenders are processed, treated and housed. Back in April 2017, New York... Read more

  • Statutes of Limitations for Childhood Sexual Abuse

    In the wake of a grand jury report of clergy sexual abuse in Pennsylvania, a legislator introduced a bill to eliminate the statute of limitations on prosecuting such cases. Currently, Pennsylvania allows criminal charges to be filed in childhood sexual abuse cases until the victim reaches the age of... Read more

  • What Is Probate?

    About halfway through the live action/animation classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit, hard-boiled detective Eddie Valiant is searching for ways to clear the titular cartoon star from the suspicion of murdering a wealthy property owner. Valiant directs his assistant to “check the probate” for the murd... Read more

  • Parental Rights for Same-Sex Couples

    In June 2015, the Supreme Court held that same-sex couples have the right to marry. That decision established that states could not define marriage in a way that excluded same-sex couples, but it did not clarify how to secure some of the rights of marriage that heterosexual couples take for granted.... Read more

  • The Immigration Court Backlog

    Last spring, Syracuse University’s TRAC immigration project reported that the backlog of cases before the U.S. Immigration Court had reached a new high of 714,067. This figure represents a 32 percent jump in the court’s backlog from January 2017. It’s easy to assume that the backlog is the res... Read more