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  • When Must a Pharmaceutical Company Warn Users About Potential Dangers?

    When is a warning required? Dangerous drugs and medical devices enter the marketplace on a regular basis. To protect users and patients from potential hazards, the law places a duty on manufacturers to warn users of the potential dangers associated with each product. Generally, manufacturers of... Read more

  • Parents of "Affluenza Teen" File for Divorce Again

    The parents of a Texas teen who escaped incarceration through the use of an "affluenza" defense have filed for divorce for a second time. Fred and Tonya Couch, the father and mother of Ethan, obtained a legal divorce before the young man killed four bystanders while recklessly driving a vehicle in... Read more

  • Successful Strategies for Moving On after a Divorce

    In the aftermath of a divorce, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. You may, rightfully, feel a tremendous sense of loss or failure. Here are some suggestions to help you turn your divorce into a positive event in your life: Take time to get to know yourself again—Often, in an attempt to kee... Read more

  • Choosing Where You Live after Divorce because of Your Children

    Lea en español When you are involved in a divorce and there are minor children, one of your worst fears, as a non-custodial parent, is that your relationship with your children will suffer. Even if your relationship with your ex is strong, or he/she encourages access, you may choose to stay cl... Read more

  • Family Therapist Develops Workshop to Help Parents after Divorce

    Family Therapist Develops Workshop to Help Parents after Divorce Marriage and family therapist Anne Buettner has spent a lot of time working with families of divorce, so she understands the unique challenges that parents and children face. Drawing on her experience, she's put together a workshop ... Read more