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5 Reasons to Measure User Response to Video on Law Firm Websites

by Akhil Saklani, chief operating officer of GetLegal.com

You have filmed videos for your law firm and uploaded them to your website. The next step is to measure how users respond to your videos. The ability to measure video performance online is a relatively new practice that gives your firm knowledge about how visitors interact with your site. You can measure how visitors find your videos, how long they watch and how many they watch. Here are five advantages to measuring video performance.

1. Know how many visitors watch videos.

Perhaps the most important statistic in the measurement of video performance is knowing how many potential clients are actually watching your videos. If most visitors don’t watch your videos, your firm may need a new strategy to increase viewership. Making video play automatically on a page may encourage users to watch your other videos.

2. Track the viewing time of your visitors.

How many potential clients watch your videos all the way through? Knowing the amount of time users spend viewing your videos is useful information. A video that the majority of viewers stop watching after 10 seconds could signal a problem with the video’s quality or content. The goal is to create videos that are long enough to get your point across but not too long that viewers lose interest.

3. Monitor visitor activity during viewing.

Don’t expect visitors to watch your videos to the end without interruption. Just as people pause or fast-forward through movies at home, they do the same with videos online. Software that analyzes video performance gives you the power to see how visitors interact with your videos. Do most visitors skip certain parts of a video? How often do they pause or stop the video? These statistics can tell you if your video is too long or not interesting enough.

4. Learn the number of videos each visitor views.

Let’s say you have multiple videos on your website. How many potential clients watch more than one video? If most watch only one, the rest of your videos are not being used to their potential. Perhaps your videos are not easily accessible or your main video does not impress viewers. It’s important that the first video potential clients see gives them a reason to watch your other videos. The more videos they watch, the more likely they’ll consider your firm for representation.

5. Understand how visitors find your videos.

Potential clients can find your videos in multiple ways. The most common way is for them to stumble upon the videos while browsing your website. But now, videos are beginning to show up on search engines. For instance, if you have a video that gives an overview of consumer law, a potential client searching for “consumer law” might find your video on Google. Video-performance software will show you what sources refer users to your videos the most. If you notice that few visitors find your videos with search engines, consider implementing a search engine marketing campaign to increase your video presence on search engines.

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