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  • Estate Tax Law

    Estate or Inheritance Taxes in the United States In the United States, the transfer of property (including money) pursuant to a will, under the laws of intestacy, or otherwise as a result of death, will subject the recipient to potential liability for estate or inheritance taxes. The Federal Estate ...

  • Taking time off from work to vote

    Most states require employers to give their employees time off to cast their votes and can also prohibit employers from disciplining employees who take time off work to vote. Some states allow some employees time off only if they otherwise would not have enough time before or after work. Few states ...

  • Taking time off for an injury suffered at work

    If you do not have sick leave accrued and take time off from work because of an injury, you should immediately see a doctor in order to create a record of your injury and your doctor’s recommendations. If you later decide to file for worker’s compensation, you may be ineligible to collect for l...

  • Tax

    Websites General The Income Tax School – A list of websites relating to tax practice, tax professionals, licensing agencies, and the IRS. Federal & state tax Legalbitstream – Full text of U.S. tax cases, including Tax Court regular and memorandum opinions (back to 1990). Also links to fu...

  • Taking the test

    If you refuse to take a blood alcohol concentration test, many states are empowered to enact administrative sanctions, such as suspending your license for between seven days and six months for first-time offenders, or longer for repeat offenders. Most states have this administrative license revocati...

  • Property Tax Law

    In the United States, property taxes are generally levied by state or local governments. There is no federal property tax. Real Property vs. Personal Property As a general rule, real property taxes are imposed by municipal or county governments, with owners of property paying a percentage of the ass...

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