Blog Optimization Services

Reach People, Share Information and Get Feedback

Your first few blog posts were a novelty, a joy, an outlet for thoughts that previously had no venue. Now you’re wondering if anyone’s reading them. Is it worth the work to communicate into the noise of nearly 40 million blogs and billions of blog posts?

Now that you have found your voice, we will find your audience.’s comprehensive plan for optimizing your content and developing links lifts your voice above the noise. As much fun as a blog can be, the goal is to build business and develop relationships with customers. integrates your marketing messages throughout your blog and your entire marketing mix.

Audience & Communication Goals


  • Provide product and service feature benefits
  • Inform about new uses
  • Educate about issues surrounding service


  • Resolve customer service issues
  • Answer service questions
  • Provide information about usage
  • Solicit comments and suggestions


  • Provide product and service information
  • Prospect for additional wholesalers, franchisees or retailers
  • Provide customer service


  • Supplement press release information
  • Provide commentary about issues
  • Explore product and service updates in depth


  • Provide timely updates about company issues
  • Share insight about market trends


  • Prepare partners for busy seasons and sales
  • Discuss upcoming promotions and inventory trends
  • Share broad marketing plans


  • Give sales insight into customer comments
  • Keep remote team members connected to headquarters
  • Share customer testimonials