Court Denies Transgender Change Request in Texas

A Smith County, Texas court has denied a request from a resident there to have her gender officially changed. The petitioner, now named Bobbi Ingram, of Tyler, Texas, was born Bobby and sought to have legal gender changed from male to female. The court granted the name change, but opted not to grant the gender change, instead asking Ingram to come back to court with additional evidence to support her case.
Under Texas law, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Department of State Health Services must have a court order to change the designated gender on a drivers license. Ingram said she has been living as a woman for a long time, but continually faces challenges because her drivers license indicates that she’s male. She also says that she understood what was required to legally obtain a gender change and met the requirements. She says the judge acknowledged that she was prepared and had “done her due diligence,” but denied her request anyway.
There is no requirement under Texas law that a judge grant a gender change under any circumstances. Ingram says she is left with no other option than to file her request in another county.