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Government Agencies And Progams

Lea en español Do you need to apply for Medicaid or Medicare benefits for yourself or a loved one? Are you interested in providing services to the state or federal government? Are your rights being threatened because of the actions of a state or federal agency? Whatever your needs, working with a governmental entity can […]

COMMENTARY: FDA Amendments Act Scandal Protects Big Pharmaceutical Companies

by Robert A. Schwartz, Attorney at Law Feb. 6, 2008 On Jan. 16, 2008, the Food and Drug Administration issued a proposed rule that directly contradicts Congress’ expressed intent when it passed the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDA Amendments Act of 2007). The act bestows the responsibility to warn consumers of […]

Administrative Law

Lea en español When the U.S. Congress enacts a new law, the Senate and House of Representatives don’t retain responsibility for administering, monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the law. Instead, those duties are delegated to an administrative agency, which creates specific rules, regulations and procedures. These administrative agencies are subject to administrative laws, which: […]