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Admiralty and Maritime Law

Lea en español What is Admiralty? Admiralty law, also known as maritime law, addresses both civil and criminal matters involved with navigation and shipping. In the United States, all questions related to admiralty fall under the review of the federal courts, and applies to all waters navigable for interstate or foreign commerce. Where the body […]

Death on the High Seas Act

Lea en español The Death on the High Seas Act provides compensation to the surviving family of people killed while at sea. Recovery under the act historically was limited to financial loss; however, it is now possible to recover for the pain and suffering of the family. In order for family members to recover losses, […]

Admiralty Law and Maritime Law

Lea en español Admiralty law and maritime law govern entities that operate vessels on the ocean. Common suits brought under admiralty law include damaged cargo, injured seamen, collisions between vessels and maritime pollution.’s Admiralty and Maritime Law Center provides general legal information on select admiralty laws.  Death on the High Seas Act The Death […]

Jones Act

Lea en español The Jones Act regulates the shipping industry and provides remedies not found in general maritime law. It provides certain relief from employers for injuries suffered by seamen because of negligence. Damages and Negligence Courts have interpreted the act to cover future lost wages, living expenses, current and future medical care, and pain […]

Injured Seamen Entitlements to under the Jones Act?

The Jones Act requires employers to compensate injured maritime workers for the following: Transportation: Employers are required to pay any costs associated with transporting injured workers from their vessel to appropriate health care facilities. Wages: In cases where employer negligence leads to an accident resulting in injuries to a maritime worker, employers are required to […]

Admiralty law: negligence and the Jones Act

While some injuries covered under the Jones Act involve on-the-job injuries related to the inherent dangers of maritime work, others are caused by employer negligence. A seaman injured because of the unseaworthiness of his vessel or reckless actions and decisions on the part of co-workers can seek damages for pain and suffering, future medical costs […]