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Anti-Trust and Trade Regulation

Lea en español Antitrust and the Regulation of Trade in the United States In the United States, both state and federal statutes seek to protect free trade by prohibiting activities that constitute an unlawful restraint, including price-fixing and the establishment of monopolies. The Sherman Antitrust Act The Sherman Antitrust Act was passed in 1890, to […]

Anti Trust Law

Lea en español Trusts and monopolies are concentrations of wealth in the hands of few. Such conglomerations of economic resources are thought to be injurious to the public because they minimize, if not obliterate, normal marketplace competition and yield undesirable price controls. In turn, markets stagnate and individual initiative weakens. In 1890, Congress introduced the […]

Anti-Trust & Trade Regulation

Websites General Antitrust Directory — A comprehensive list of anti-trust statutes, cases, guidelines, exemptions, gateway sites and other resources. Antitrust Case Browser — Cites and summarizes select U.S. anti-trust cases, dating back to 1910. Cases are listed in different ways: alphabetically, chronologically, by product (automobiles, electronics, etc.) or by legal area (exclusive dealing, monopoly, etc.). […]