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Anti-Trust and Trade Regulation

Lea en español Antitrust and the Regulation of Trade in the United States In the United States, both state and federal statutes seek to protect free trade by prohibiting activities that constitute an unlawful restraint, including price-fixing and the establishment of monopolies. The Sherman Antitrust Act The Sherman Antitrust Act was passed in 1890, to […]

Antitrust Basics Transactional Lawyers

by Kay Lynn Brumbaugh The word “antitrust” often conjures up visions of competitors fixing prices in smoke-filled back rooms or, more recently, posh hotels in exotic locations in a Matt Damon movie.While such meetings certainly occur and price-fixing offenses are aggressively prosecuted, there are other less obvious, but risky, antitrust issues that arise in traditional […]

Types of Corporations

Lea en español The three types of corporations are class C corporations, class S corporations and close corporations. Class C, or general, corporations are the most common and are allowed an unlimited number of shareholders. Additionally, the income of a C corporation faces double taxation. First, the corporation pays income tax, and then shareholders pay […]

Contracts for Freelance Services

Lea en español An important action that freelance service providers and business owners can take for protection is to create a contract for every client. Specific information about fees, services and expectations can improve business relationships. Clients should be sure they read, understand and sign the contract before receiving services. Business owners are not required […]

Joint Ventures

Lea en español For individuals or businesses that want to share resources or potential rewards, but don’t want to enter into a long term partnership, a joint venture allows parties to move forward without the necessity of a merger or acquisition, or the creation of a new legal entity. What is a Joint Venture? A […]

Nonprofit Organizations

Lea en español Under federal and state laws, you can enjoy certain benefits by setting up a business as a non-profit. To qualify, you must meet certain criteria—all profits must either be put back into the business or distributed to a qualified recipient under non-profit laws. Although employees may be paid wages, a non-profit cannot […]

Corporation Law

Lea en español What is a Corporation? A corporation is a legal entity, set up under the guidelines of state law, which essentially stands in the place of its owners, who are known as shareholders. The corporation is customarily invested with powers to act as a person, to enter into contracts, to incur debt, to […]

Business Law

Lea en español Whether you are considering launching a new business, or you own or operate a going concern, there are legal matters you must address. What’s the best type of structure for your business? A partnership? A limited liability company? Do you need a contract to protect your interests? What do you need to […]