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COMMENTARY: Women’s Right to Contraception and Pharmacists’ Religious Freedoms Must Be Protected

by Jeff Stanglin, J.D. Aug. 27, 2008 Every day, millions of Americans take for granted the fact that they can go to their local pharmacy and get a prescription filled with little or no hassle. That is not the reality for some women, however, as some pharmacists refuse to fill certain prescriptions because of religious […]

The Penalty for Fatness: Obesity Discrimination and the Traditional Civil Rights Approach

Lea en español by Sayward Stuart, J.D., B.C.L. Aug. 26, 2008 It is no exaggeration to suggest that obesity is a growing problem in America. As Americans grow more overweight, weight-based discrimination likewise increases. State and federal governments as well as private employers have enacted measures that penalize and arguably disadvantage the obese. Economic policies […]

COMMENTARY: Marriage Rights and the Myth of Activist Judges

by Linda Holmes, J.D. June 18, 2008 Yesterday was the first day same-sex couples were able to marry in California. The California Supreme Court gay marriage case that granted that right — the undramatically named In Re Marriage Cases — has started, or restarted, debates about privacy, family and civil rights. But it also has […]

When Race Affects Tips, Do Employees Have Recourse?

by Linda Holmes, J.D. April 15, 2008 There’s nothing more annoying than a study pointing out that we’re not as rational as we think we are. It’s so much easier not to know. Consider tipping in restaurants. You tip your server based on friendliness, good service and the peculiar power with which human kindness courses […]

Protection or Peril: The Supreme Court and Gun Control

by James R. Nowlin III, Esq. March 28, 2008 In today’s quickly changing world, it is not easy to ignore the role that firearms play in daily life. Massacres on college campuses, a person opening fire at a shopping mall — the question of how to prevent these types of tragedies pulsates through our nation’s […]

Feds' Medical Escort Service Questioned

A class-action lawsuit against the government claims abuse and drug-induced exits from the country. Two plaintiffs in the case tell CNN that they were both drugged when they questioned their circumstances. According to, Raymond Soeoth of Indonesia and Amadou Diouf of Senegal say they were injected with anti-psychotic drugs against their will during the […]