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Lea en español If a defendant is found guilty of committing a crime, sentencing immediately follows the criminal trial. Sometimes the law that a criminal has violated specifies a punishment. Punishments for slight infractions often will include probation, fines, short-term incarceration, payment of restitution to the victim, community service or drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In […]

What is Jury Nullification?

Lea en español When a jury believes a law has been applied erroneously or a law is immoral, the jury may return a verdict of “not guilty” even if the members believe the defendant is guilty. This, in effect, nullifies the law for the purposes of that trial and is known as jury nullification. It […]

The Late Claude Howard Jones’ Innocence Hangs on a Single Strand of Hair

Lea en español by Laura Smith Sept. 11, 2007 A 1-inch piece of hair is proving to be a Texas-size bone of contention. The hair: Authorities are not sure whose head it came from. The bone: Some criminal justice groups want the hair for DNA testing, and a district attorney doesn’t want to give it […]