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State Divorce Laws

Alabama: Title 30, Chapter 2 Alaska: Title 25, Chapter 24 Arizona: Chapter 3 Arkansas: Title 9, Subtitle 2, § 12 California: Part 3 Colorado: Title 14, Article 10 (Statute 14-10-106) Connecticut: Title 46, Chapter 810, sections 46-13 to 46-31 Delaware: Title 13, Chapter 15 District of Columbia: Title 16, Chapter 9 Florida: Title 6, Chapter […]

Family Law

Websites General Family Law – General family law site from the ‘Lectric Law Library. (Last revised in 2005.) ABA Section on Family Law – Links to family law web sites, compiled by the ABA. International Family Law – Links to country-specific information on divorce, child custody, child abduction, and more. Marriage and relationships Marriage Laws […]

Divorce Law

Lea en español Divorce and all the legal issues associated with it—child custody, visitation, child support, alimony or spousal support, property division—these matters all differ based on state law. The Grounds for Divorce Traditionally, divorce always required a showing of fault. The modern trend, however, is toward what is known as “no-fault” divorce. Though all […]

Family Law and Divorce

Lea en español When things aren’t going well in your family—the bonds between you and your spouse have been broken, or you’ve been unable to build a family—the emotional challenges can make it difficult to take the right steps to protect yourself. Uncertainty about what the future holds can cause significant stress and anxiety. Often, […]

Fathers’ Rights

Lea en español According to national statistics, more than 24 million children in the United States don’t reside with their biological father. Studies show, however, that when non-custodial fathers are regularly involved in their children’s lives, children do better in school, participate more in extra-curricular activities, and have a greater sense of self-esteem. Until recently, […]