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Writing a will under undue influence

Lea en español A court will not execute a will made under undue influence. A will is considered to be made under undue influence when the maker’s free will is overcome by a person in a position of power over him or her. In order for a court to invalidate a will on grounds of […]

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Websites Wills & estates My State Will — Offers several interactive programs: an estate tax calculator, intestacy calculators (one for each state) and state law summaries. Also includes charts and facts, sample intestacy problems and more. Legal Research for Estate Planners — A comprehensive directory of estate planning links divided into six categories: general estate […]

Elder Law

Lea en español Elder Law—Legal Issues Affecting Senior Citizens The field of elder law focuses on the needs of older people and the issues they encounter. Elder law generally addresses three general concerns: Long-term care issues, including planning for the payment of the costs of assisted living or nursing home care The effect of health […]