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  • Divorce and Taxes

      If you are facing a divorce, you know that there are plenty of difficult, even painful questions to be resolved. How do you tell your friends and family? How should you divide your property? What sorts of custody arrangements do you want? And there may be one more difficult question that y... Read more

  • Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse

    Domestic abuse may take different forms, from threats and insults to physical violence. However, there is another aspect of domestic abuse that can be as constricting and as devastating as physical and psychological harm. Financial abuse can take many different forms and can prevent a victim from le... Read more

  • Modifying Child Support Payments

    When a couple with children separates, one of the first and most important issues they should settle is child support ‒ that is, they need to agree on how much money is needed to take care of the costs associated with raising their children. Typically, the non-custodial parent (the parent with who... Read more

  • Parental Rights for Same-Sex Couples

    In June 2015, the Supreme Court held that same-sex couples have the right to marry. That decision established that states could not define marriage in a way that excluded same-sex couples, but it did not clarify how to secure some of the rights of marriage that heterosexual couples take for granted.... Read more

  • Child Protective Services Investigations Explained

    Every state maintains an agency that is authorized to receive and investigate reports of alleged child abuse and child neglect. In addition, the agency (which may be called Child Protective Services (CPS), Children Youth & Families, or the Department of Social Services), is also supposed to pr... Read more

  • Child Custody and Unmarried Parents

    If you are a parent, whether you are married to your partner or not, you are likely to have the same questions about custody: who will have legal custody; where will the child live; and when and how will each parent exercise parenting time with the child. Fortunately, unmarried parents have the sa... Read more

  • Custody 101 for Fathers

    Fathers today are taking a more active role in their children’s lives than ever before. They take paternity leave when their children are born; they assume an active role in childcare. Courts have begun to recognize the importance of fathers in the case of custody. While the law historically favor... Read more


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