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Hospitality Industry Workers and Gratuity Violations in New York

Dec. 14, 2011 We recently had an opportunity to speak with Jeffrey Brown, a partner with the New York employment law firm of Leeds, Morelli & Brown, PC. Our conversation centered on New York labor law regarding tips and gratuities in the hospitality industry and the rights of workers. Get Legal: In your opinion, is […]

Labor and Employment Law

Websites General Employment Law Information Network – Gateway site offering federal and state law articles, case summaries, forms and contracts, HR documents, and a weekly newsletter. Employment, Labor, and Pension Law – List of employment law sites from the‘Lectric Law Library. Labor issues – Directory of unions and union resources (e.g., creating union contracts). […]

Labor Law

Lea en español An Overview of Your Rights under Federal Labor Law Since the early 20th century, Congress has continued to enact legislation to protect the rights of workers in their dealings with employers. Recognizing that most workers did not have equal bargaining power with management, and that many workers suffered as a result, Congress […]

Employment and Labor Law

Employment Law or Labor Law concerns the legal relationship between employers and employees. Statutes regarding labor law are found at all levels of government, from federal to state, to city and county. Labor law determines the rights and obligations which arise out of an employment contract. The law governing the relationship between an employee and […]