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Lease Agreements and Landlord-Tenant Law

Lea en español The Laws Governing Landlord –Tenant Relationships In most states, the laws establishing the rights and responsibilities of landlords and their tenants are a blend of statutory and common law. Typically, states have enacted legislation governing the relationship, but the courts get involved in construing the provisions of the statutes. A number of […]

Property owners and their employees

Rental property owners should be careful when hiring a property manager. The manager is the person who has interaction with all tenants and is given access to the master keys. Landlords should always check a manager’s background to the fullest extent allowed by the law and closely supervise the manager’s job performance. If tenants complain […]

Resolving tenant and landlord disputes

Many legal disputes, whether they are actual or potential, come in all sizes for landlords and tenants. It can be a disagreement over a rent increase, responsibility over repairs, or return of a security deposit. Rarely should lawyers and litigation be the first choice for resolving a tenant-landlord dispute. Be sure you know your rights […]