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Attorney:Sterling says no deal on Clippers sale; suit against NBA is on

LOS ANGELES  — Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has pulled his support from a deal to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and will pursue his $1 billion federal lawsuit against the NBA, his attorney said Monday. “We have been instructed to prosecute the lawsuit,” said attorney Maxwell Blecher. He said […]

Oil heir ordered to pay disputed fee to former legal team

Oil heir Al Hill III and his wife, Erin, have been ordered to pay a judgment of almost $22 million issued in 2012, plus interest, to his former attorneys, Lisa Blue, Charla Aldous and Steve Malouf, by a federal judge in Dallas. The ruling by Judge Sam Lindsay addresses a long running fee dispute between […]

COLUMN: The Law in Real Life: Bratz Case Raises Concerns of Jury Bias

COLUMN: The Law in Real Life by Linda Holmes, J.D. Bratz Case Raises Concerns of Jury Bias Aug. 11, 2008 When you’re in the hands of other people, how good can you expect them to be? It sounds like an abstract question, but it became a reality after the latest twist in the bitter battle […]

Claim and delivery

Claim and delivery, also known as replevin, is an old-fashioned legal remedy in which the court requires a defendant to return specific goods to the plaintiff at the start of the action. Claim and delivery can be a powerful weapon in a case when someone is wrongfully holding your property. It deprives the defendant of […]

The property line between you and your neighbor

If your neighbor starts building on your land, don’t just ignore it. It could eventually become a problem when you try to sell your house. A title company may refuse to issue insurance because the neighbor is on your land. If the situation is not taken care of immediately, after a certain amount of time […]