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Property Distribution In Divorce

Lea en español The Division of Debts and Assets after a Divorce In the United States, there are two basic legal approaches for the distribution of property after a divorce: equitable distribution and community property laws. Currently, 10 states (and Puerto Rico) have laws granting spouses community property rights—Alaska, California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington, Idaho, Texas, […]

Resisting Condemnation

If you want to resist a condemnation it can be the beginning of a lengthy process. Generally the condemning agency is mandatory to deposit with court what it considers to be the probable just compensation. You can ask the court for all or part of the deposit even before the case is over. The precise […]

Division of property in Texas

When there is little or no marital property, no children and no issues of spousal maintenance, amicable spouses can usually obtain a quick divorce by having an attorney draft a divorce agreement and having a judge approve it. Most divorces, however, are quite different and far more complex. The typical Texas divorce involves a union […]