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Sex Crimes

Lea en español Individuals who are convicted of sex crimes, regardless of the severity, are deemed “sex offenders” and are put on an offender list, which is available to the public. Although the precise definition of each offense varies from state to state, every jurisdiction recognizes the same types of behavior as offenses that harm […]

Rapist of teen girl freed; complaint filed against judge

A man who admitted raping a teenage girl when the two attended high school together has been released from jail, and the judge whose critical statements about the victim touched off an international firestorm could face disciplinary action from a state judicial review board. Sir Young, 20, was released from the Dallas County Jail on […]

NJ Internet Sexual Predator Law Bans Some Sex Offenders From the Internet

by Laura Smith Jan. 4, 2008 New Jersey is the latest state to pass laws dealing with the volatile mixture of computers, the Internet and convicted sex offenders. The state, along with Florida and Nevada, has made it a crime for some convicted sex offenders to use the Internet. The law affects sex offenders who […]