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Don’t talk and drive

Five states have currently enacted laws banning talking on hand-held cell phones while operating a vehicle: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Washington. In addition, several states have special provisions regarding cell phone use and new drivers. Check the cell phone laws in your state.

DMV in your state

Don’t know what the laws are for operating a commercial vehicle in your area? Want to order a copy of your driving record to see how it might affect your case? Visit and follow the links for local driver’s manuals and more.

Transportation Department in your state

The national Transportation Department also has branches in each state. These offices can provide information on traffic and transportation issues, such as road construction, meter enforcement changes, certain campaigns enacted (such as “click it or ticket”) and much more. Keep up with the hot issues by visiting your local DOT site.

Bicycle traffic laws

Although it is less common to be issued a ticket for bicycle traffic violations, it is good to keep up with the laws governing bicycle traffic. Find a listing of U.S. bicycle laws summarized here.

COMMENTARY: Cell Phone Driving Laws Restricting Cell Phone Use Go Too Far

Let’s ticket drivers who drive carelessly; don’t assume all cell phone users are careless drivers. by Kathy Tatone, Attorney Feb. 21, 2008 Cell phones play an integral role in most peoples’ lives. It’s hard to imagine walking, working or driving without our phones nearby. Most drivers believe they can talk on the phone while driving […]

Child safety seat violations

Every state requires that passengers under a certain age ride in a safety seat. In addition you may be ticketed if the safety seat is improperly installed or is located in the front seat instead of the back seat. For educational materials, research on child safety and more, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

To contest or not to contest

If you want to contest a ticket for a violation, your case may be affected by the status of your driving record. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles about obtaining a copy.

Traffic laws state by state

Find a handy summary of state traffic laws here. Topics include proof of insurance, reckless driving and other common violations with links to statutes.