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  • The Community Property Approach in Divorce Proceedings

    How Marital Debts and Assets Are Divided in Community Property States As a part of the divorce process, the parties must determine how any property and obligations accumulated during the marriage will be distributed. The parties can come to an agreement on their own, or they can ask the court to res...

  • Construction Contracts

    What to Look for in a Construction Contract If you are planning to build a home, or hire someone to remodel your existing home, it is in your best interests to sign a written agreement with the contractor. In the absence of such a contract, it will be difficult to protect your rights in situations w...

  • U.S. State Materials

    Alabama constitution CASES code regs forms Alaska constitution CASES code regs forms Arizona constitution CASES code regs forms Arkansas constitution CASES code regs forms California constitution CASES code regs forms Colorado constitution CASES code regs forms Connecticut...

  • Tax Enforcement and an attorney

    A number of situations require a tax attorney to be involved such as, fraud investigation, a lengthy audit, an audit involving legal issues, a large deficiency balance, incomplete or inadequate books and records, inability to pay, not filing returns for a number of years, not owing the taxes, the ex...

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