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  • Rethinking Marijuana-Related Crimes

    In recent years, the way we have thought about marijuana, its use and its legality, have changed. Medical marijuana is now legal in more than thirty states, and recreational marijuana is legal in ten. Even as advocates for legalization have celebrated this change, it has created a conundrum. Thousan... Read more

  • What You Need to Know about Flood Insurance

    In the past few years, cities have been battered by hurricanes and tropical storms, resulting in injuries and property loss to tens of thousands of Americans. Flooding, wind damage, and other problems have created financial difficulties for those who survive the disaster.  Recovering from such even... Read more

  • Three Common Types of Temporary Visas

    With all the controversy swirling around immigration these days, you’ve probably heard discussions about visas, how to obtain them, and what happens if you overstay them. Did you know, though, that there are dozens of different types of visas with different requirements, requiring the approval of ... Read more

  • How One Child Changed an Outdated Law

    When you think of being a kid at wintertime, what comes to mind? Holidays, certainly. Probably skating and sledding; maybe snowball fights…unless, of course, you grew up in Severance, Colorado. Until a few weeks ago, snowball fights were illegal in the little town. When the town was founded back i... Read more

  • Four Types of Professional Malpractice

    When you hear the word “malpractice,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? A doctor performing surgery on the wrong limb or organ? A prescription for the wrong medication? Medical malpractice is a persistent issue in the legal landscape, but did you know that there are other kinds of p... Read more

  • Field Test Fail: When Traffic Stops Go Wrong

    Traffic stops on New Year’s Eve may be a good way of deterring drunk driving, but a pair of Georgia deputies got both less and much more than they expected when they pulled over one woman on New Year’s Eve 2016. The deputies initially claimed that they pulled the woman over because her windows... Read more

  • Four Things to Know About Traffic Stops

    You’re driving down the road; you glance down at the speedometer and see that you’re driving right at the speed limit. Then, you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. You pull over and a police officer orders you to step out of your car. The officer then asks to search your car. What sho... Read more