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  • A Video Game Law Primer

    Chances are that at some point in the past year, you’ve played a video game. It might have been a massively multiplayer online game like the popular Fortnite or League of Legends, or maybe it was a game created for PlayStation or Xbox gaming consoles, like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. The pop... Read more

  • The Advantage of Postnuptial Agreements

    You’ve probably heard of prenuptial agreements. Kim and Kanye have one; so do Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Often associated with the rich and famous, these agreements range from provisions concerning what each spouse receives in the event of divorce to how much time spouses spend togeth... Read more

  • Do I Have a Right to See My Grandchildren? State Law and Visitation

    When a marriage ends, that event affects more than the couple involved: friendships may be strained, ties with in-laws become attenuated, and matters become even more difficult if the couple has children. The dissolution of a marriage can mean that grandparents who previously enjoyed an active r... Read more

  • Do You Own the Rights to Any Oil or Gold in the Ground Beneath Your House?

    You’ve probably heard the old saw that a man’s home is his castle, but it probably never crossed your mind that you may not have the right to determine what happens to the moat or the dungeons. Depending on where you live, you may enjoy only “surface rights” to your property – that is,... Read more

  • Fiduciaries and Fiduciary Duties

    If you’re interested in financial news or business law, you’ve probably heard the term “fiduciary.”  The term is often invoked to convey a standard of responsibility, although you may not be sure what a fiduciary is or does. Simply put, a fiduciary acts on behalf of another person to mak... Read more

  • Facing the Proposed H-1B Visa Revisions

    The face of U.S. immigration law is changing, drastically and rapidly. While much of the attention has focused on migrants crossing the country’s southern borders, other aspects of immigration law are being transformed as well. The Department of Homeland Security recently announced its intention t... Read more

  • Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse

    Domestic abuse may take different forms, from threats and insults to physical violence. However, there is another aspect of domestic abuse that can be as constricting and as devastating as physical and psychological harm. Financial abuse can take many different forms and can prevent a victim from le... Read more

  • Dog Bites and Liability

    We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend, that pets can brighten our days and lengthen our lives. But what happens if your pet misbehaves? Worse, what happens if your dog injures someone? Common law followed the “one-bite” rule, which held a dog owner liable for injuries caused by ... Read more