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  • Field Test Fail: When Traffic Stops Go Wrong

    Traffic stops on New Year’s Eve may be a good way of deterring drunk driving, but a pair of Georgia deputies got both less and much more than they expected when they pulled over one woman on New Year’s Eve 2016. The deputies initially claimed that they pulled the woman over because her windows... Read more

  • Four Things to Know About Traffic Stops

    You’re driving down the road; you glance down at the speedometer and see that you’re driving right at the speed limit. Then, you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. You pull over and a police officer orders you to step out of your car. The officer then asks to search your car. What sho... Read more

  • Small Claims Court: An Overview

      Let’s say that you have a dispute with your landlord. You were asked to pay a security deposit on your apartment and now that you’re moving out, your landlord refuses to return your money. Your landlord claims that he’s keeping the money to offset repairs that need to be made. The se... Read more

  • Divorce and Taxes

      If you are facing a divorce, you know that there are plenty of difficult, even painful questions to be resolved. How do you tell your friends and family? How should you divide your property? What sorts of custody arrangements do you want? And there may be one more difficult question that y... Read more

  • The State(s) of Medicaid Expansion

      In 2012, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) made some sweeping changes to health insurance, but one of the broadest changes was its expansion of Medicaid coverage. Medicaid, a program involving coordination between the federal government and the states, provides he... Read more

  • State Bans on Conversion Therapy

      Garrard Conley, the author of the memoir-turned-movie, Boy Erased, said of his experience with conversion therapy, “I came to therapy thinking that my sexuality didn’t matter, but it turned out that every part of my personality was intimately connected. Cutting one piece damaged the re... Read more

  • A Primer on Construction Contracts

    If you are involved in a construction project, you may anticipate obtaining permits, coordinating materials, and battling weather conditions, but you may not think about paperwork. Every construction contract involves a contractual relationship, or several contractual relationships, depending on the... Read more


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