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Writing your own will

Lea en español A will written by you for yourself is called a holographic will. States vary on laws and overall acceptance of holographic wills. States that do allow this type of will usually have strict rules regarding enforceability. For instance, a valid holographic might need multiple witnesses to your signature or require the entire […]

COMMENTARY:  Will Michael Jackson’s Estate Serve as Another Example of Inadequate Planning?

By Anthony Pallone, Meena Saini and Karen Best July 14, 2009 The best there ever was and the best there ever will be cannot begin to describe the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson. For over three decades, Michael Jackson redefined the meaning of the word superstar. He was not just a talented singer and performer, […]

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Websites Wills & estates My State Will — Offers several interactive programs: an estate tax calculator, intestacy calculators (one for each state) and state law summaries. Also includes charts and facts, sample intestacy problems and more. Legal Research for Estate Planners — A comprehensive directory of estate planning links divided into six categories: general estate […]

Estate planning: protecting your parents

Adult children of elderly parents often face a dilemma: In order to qualify their parents for Medicaid and in-home care, their parents’ assets must be depleted, or spent down. As a result, many elderly Americans are faced with a choice — forego needed health care or lose their home. An experienced estate-planning lawyer, however, can […]

Estate Planning

Lea en español Estate Planning—Putting Measures in Place to Ensure the Orderly Distribution of Your Property If you have built any kind of net worth, or if you own any property at all, you need an estate plan. When you die, decisions will have to be made about who now has right, title or interest […]