Anti-Trust & Trade Regulation



  • Antitrust Directory — A comprehensive list of anti-trust statutes, cases, guidelines, exemptions, gateway sites and other resources.
  • Antitrust Case Browser — Cites and summarizes select U.S. anti-trust cases, dating back to 1910. Cases are listed in different ways: alphabetically, chronologically, by product (automobiles, electronics, etc.) or by legal area (exclusive dealing, monopoly, etc.).
  • Links to Antitrust Sites — From the American Bar Association. Includes many links to international resources and agencies.
  • NAAG Antitrust Project — From the National Association of Attorneys General. Specific project pages include bankruptcy, civil rights, consumer protection, tobacco and Medicaid fraud. Also includes an antitrust litigation database, with documents dating back to 1990.

Mergers & acquisitions

  • Merger and Acquisition Resources — Links to federal statutes and regulations as well as to sites offering merger analysis, commentary and practice aids.
  • Mergerstat — A subscription database that tracks mergers and acquisitions in 49 industries. Free trial subscriptions are available. Also offers free news headlines and articles.
  • Investopedia — Discusses mergers and acquisitions from the dealmaker’s perspective. Topics include valuation, making the deal and break-ups.

Law & economics

  • Encyclopedia of Law and Economics — A survey of law and economics covering more than 170 topics. International in scope. Each entry contains a literature review (about 10,000 words) and a bibliography.
  • Phoenix Center — A think tank focused on law and economics. Links to policy papers, bulletins, op-ed pieces and other publications.
  • Law and Economics Links — From the University of Chicago. Links include major law and economics sites, discussion groups, journals, think tanks and scholarly papers.

Advertising & unfair competition


Associations & agencies

  • American Antitrust Institute — Nonprofit education, advocacy and research organization.
  • International Competition Network — Seeks to improve antitrust enforcement worldwide. Available references include conference materials, reports, speeches, workshop materials and more.
  • Organizations Dealing with Antitrust Issues — List of non-government associations, organized into left-leaning or right-leaning groups.
  • Federal Trade Commission — Federal agency most responsible for protecting consumers’ interests. Links to legislation, policy documents, economic studies, regulatory actions and more.
  • Justice Department — Website of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division. Includes case filings, appellate briefs, economic studies and other documents.

Journals, news & articles

  • The Antitrust Source — Free full-text magazine published by the American Bar Association. Archive goes back to 2001.
  • Yahoo! News — News, feature articles, opinion pieces and other anti-trust resources.
  • The Washington Post — Highlights current mergers and acquisitions and includes anti-trust articles from the past eight weeks.

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