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Environmental Law Resources



  • Environmental Law Net — Comprehensive site for environmental statutes, cases, agencies, compliance, enforcement, litigation and transactions (i.e., environmental concerns when buying/selling property, such as mold, lead paint and asbestos).
  • Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide — Network of public-interest attorneys, scientists and other environmental advocates. Legal and Scientific Resources links to cases, publications and other resources on dozens of environmental topics.
  • Yahoo! Environmental Law — Directory of websites, including environmental law organizations, journals and educational resources.
  • Earthjustice — Leading nonprofit environmental law firm. Library links to thousands of full-text studies, cases and other documents on environmental topics. There is a special page on global warming as well as a directory of news stories.
  • Center for International Environmental Law — Information on worldwide biodiversity, climate change, chemicals, human rights, sustainable development and other areas. Links to full-text reports and other publications.

Air & Water

  • EPA Air — Includes a guide to the Clean Air Act as well as information on air pollutants, pollution control, carbon emissions, acid rain, global warming, legislation and permitting, and more.
  • Clean Air Council — Nonprofit organization specializing in clean-air advocacy. Links to information on air quality, secondhand smoke, energy deregulation, carbon monoxide and more.
  • EPA Water — Directory of information on water-related topics, including drinking water, ground water, water pollutants and wastewater.
  • National Institutes for Water Resources — Links to the home pages of the 54 U.S. Water Resources Research Centers. Also links to federal agencies, professional organizations, weather/climate information and other water resources.


  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service — In-depth information on endangered species, wildlife management, habitats, animal science, invasive species, conservation and more.
  • Endangeredspecie.com — Links to endangered species by U.S. state. Also links to organizations, U.S. laws, case studies and other resources.
  • World Wildlife Fund — Advocacy group (1.2 million members worldwide) dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Chemicals & Cleanup

  • Environmental Health and Toxicology — A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Topical links include chemicals and drugs, poisoning, toxicology, pesticides, diseases and risk assessment. Also links to TOXNET, a collection of free databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas.
  • Chemindustry.com — Directory of more than 80,000 chemical, biotech and environmental websites. Many of the sites are vendor sites, though Resources links to journals, databases, portals, wikis, research institutes and more.
  • Cleanupoil.com — Comprehensive site for oil spill cleanup information. Links to a directory of more than 1,000 oil spill contractors around the world. Also links to news, conferences, training resources, videos, worldwide associations and more.


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