Family Law



  • Family Law – General family law site from the ‘Lectric Law Library. (Last revised in 2005.)
  • ABA Section on Family Law – Links to family law web sites, compiled by the ABA.
  • International Family Law – Links to country-specific information on divorce, child custody, child abduction, and more.

Marriage and relationships

  • Marriage Laws – Table summarizing marriage laws of all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. Links to full-text statutes as well.
  • Prenuptial Agreements – In-depth article by on how and why to use a prenuptial agreement.
  • Lamba Legal – Lists for each state the following information: relationship recognition (i.e., same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships and civil unions), employment information, and parenting information (i.e., who may adopt). Also lists major gender-issue bills and cases for each state.
  • Unmarried Couples and the Law – Cohabitation agreements, estate planning, and gay/lesbian issues. Emphasis is on California law.


  • Divorce Laws – Links to divorce statutes of all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico.
  • Divorce Source – In addition to divorce statutes, this site links to information on taxes, grandparents’ rights, pensions, paternity, military divorce, and other issues.
  • Divorce Mediation – In-depth analysis of mediation as alternative to divorce.

Adoption and child custody

  • Child Welfare Information Gateway – Links to statistics, statutes, organizations, and more on child abuse and neglect, adoption, and other topics.
  • Child Support Web – Links to child support calculators and guidelines for individual states. Also links to articles and web sites (e.g., National Conference of State Legislature’s child support program).


Associations & agencies

Journals, news & articles

  • AAMJ Journal – Archive of articles (not all in full text) back to 1997.
  • Divorce Magazine – Advice articles on legal, social, and psychological aspects of divorce. Includes free e-mail newsletter.
  • Divorce News – Daily digest of divorce-related news articles.

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