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Environmental Crimes

Lea en español Environmental Law Violations The federal government regulates activities that have an impact on the environment through a complex scheme of statutes and agency regulations. Congress possesses this power to legislate because environmental protection is a matter of national security. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bears the responsibility of carrying out the regulations […]

Phone Fraud and Telemarketing Fraud

Lea en español Phone and telemarketing fraud refers to any type of scheme in which a criminal communicates with a potential victim via the telephone. Because many reputable companies use telemarketing to conduct business, criminals often can effectively obtain a victim’s credit card information and then use the information to make unauthorized purchases. Advanced-Fee Scam […]

Health Care Fraud

Lea en español Health care fraud involves the filing of dishonest health care claims in order to turn a profit. Fraudulent health care schemes come in many forms. For example, patients commit fraud when they sell subsidized or fully covered prescription medication on the black market for a profit, use transportation benefits for non-medical purposes, […]

Credit Card Fraud

Lea en español Credit card fraud involves the unauthorized use of someone’s credit card information for the purpose of either charging purchases to the victim’s account or removing funds from the victim’s account. Credit card fraud is regarded as a form of identity theft. With the popularity of online shopping, a criminal no longer needs […]

Bankruptcy Fraud

Lea en español Bankruptcy fraud is a white-collar crime that takes four general forms. In the first form, debtors conceal assets to avoid having to forfeit them. In the second form, individuals intentionally file false or incomplete forms. In the third form, individuals file multiple times for bankruptcy in several states. Finally, in the fourth […]

White Collar Crime

Lea en español White-collar crime generally involves financially motivated offenses perpetrated by business and government employees or officials. The crimes are not violent, and are usually committed by persons in whom some level of trust or autonomy is placed. They frequently cause significant losses for companies, investors and employees. The Types of White-Collar Crimes Fraud.By […]