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Two more mixed-use developments are on the way in Richardson

Two real estate projects in the works will bring hundreds of new apartments, retail space and an office tower to Richardson. Richardson already has North Texas’ largest development — the $1.5 billion CityLine project on Bush Turnpike that is anchored by State Farm Insurance’s new campus. Now, other major developments are planned nearby. Property owners […]

Purchasing a new home

When looking for a new house, it essential that you consider how much you are able to spend and what type of house you want and to make sure you cover every inspection and any unforeseen problems. Check out the neighborhood and ask about any neighbor disturbances. Having good credit would be a great first […]

Real Estate Law

Lea en español You’ve been saving for a down payment for your own place…or the family’s growing and you need more room…or the kids are on their own and it’s time to downscale. When you are looking to buy, sell or rent real property, the more you know about the law, your rights and your […]

Zoning and the land

Lea en español Zoning Defined Modern zoning laws are ostensibly designed to promote health, welfare and efficiency within a municipality by cities or towns into different areas, or zones, and restricting the way property can be used in each zone. Typical zoning schemes provide for specific locations for single and multiple family dwellings, retail establishments, […]