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4 Tips for Developing a Successful Law Firm Website

by Wes Strawn, manager of product fulfillment at GetLegal.com

When a law firm decides to launch a website, most hire a professional design team. Those unsure of the process of website development might fear that in doing so, they will have little input into the look and feel of the site. The web development team at GetLegal.com gives you all of the control you want in your website design. And once your site is complete, we stay in touch to make sure that it maintains effectiveness and that you stay satisfied. Here are a few web development tips from GetLegal.com.

1. Choose a web developer dedicated to the success of your firm.

Choosing a developer based on price or size alone may not lead to the best website for your law firm. It’s important to consider the developer’s experience in creating legal websites. A less-experienced developer may not know exactly what legal websites need in order to be successful. Another factor to think about when comparing web developers is the type of personalized service they offer. A website that is put together too quickly or that looks too similar to other sites is not an effective marketing tool. Finally, a developer should not make unrealistic promises, such as guaranteeing a high ranking on Google search results. If you hear that, you should look elsewhere.

2. Personalize your website.

You personalize your firm’s office, so why shouldn’t you personalize your firm’s website? Giving website visitors a glimpse into your firm’s personality is a great way to break through the impersonal nature of the web. This can be done by including photos of your office, posting personal messages from attorneys, or integrating audio and video. Law firm websites tend to look alike, so personalizing your site gives you a clear, competitive advantage.

3. Understand your competition.

Be sure you research what your competition is doing on the web before you design your site. Consider how you can make your site better. The more you set yourself apart from the competition, the more likely you’ll succeed online. The web allows users to easily compare law firms with just a click. If your site isn’t superior to those of your competitors, you could lose a potential client.

4. Maintain the flow of communication with the project manager working to develop your site.

You, more than anyone else, know what you want your website to look like. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and the project manager will reduce confusion. When planning the site, give the project manager as much detail as possible to increase the chance that you get exactly the site you want. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the project manager for regular updates to ensure that development is proceeding as planned.

Once the website is complete, problems may arise that you should report to your developer. Broken links, missing pages or grammatical errors give your firm a bad image. Once your site is up and running, don’t forget to ask your project manager for performance statistics so that you can judge the site’s effectiveness.

GetLegal.com has a small web development team that turns out impressive results. If you’re interested in developing a new site or redesigning your current one, we can help.

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