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5 Ways Attorneys Benefit from Web Analytics

by Akhil Saklani, chief operating officer of GetLegal.com

Web analytics is the study of the behavior of website visitors. It provides data that attorneys can use for web marketing and website development. Web analytics can help you understand how visitors find your site, what they do there and where they exit. This data typically is compared to key performance indicators and used to improve a website or a marketing campaign’s audience response. Here are five ways attorneys can benefit from web analytics.

1. Learn where visitors are coming from.

Knowing what parts of the state, country or world your visitors are coming from is powerful information. Web analytics data will show you these statistics, along with the number of times each user visited. Knowing you have a large number of visitors in a neighboring community might signal your firm to concentrate marketing efforts or even open a satellite office in that area. This “geotargeting” allows you to make more efficient management decisions.

2. Understand how visitors find your site.

Analytics can tell you whether visitors find your site by using a search engine, clicking an online advertisement or typing your address directly into a browser. This information can help you fine-tune your marketing efforts and focus on the media that will produce the best results for your firm.

3. Determine which pages get the most traffic.

Which pages on your site get the most traffic? It’s probably not a coincidence that some pages are visited more often than others. If certain pages get few or no hits, you should consider moving them to increase visibility or think of ways to improve their content. With “professional targeting” strategies, you can utilize analytics to customize your site and its content to offer visitors exactly what they want.

4. Evaluate how long visitors stay on your site.

The length of time visitors stay on your website is a good indicator of the quality of your site. If the majority of visitors leave quickly, that might indicate you need to redesign your site or improve its content. The longer visitors stay on your site and browse, the more likely they are to remember your firm and contact you.

5. Know where visitors are leaving.

Knowing the point at which visitors leave your site is just as important as knowing how they arrive. Web analytics can provide your firm with data showing the pages from which visitors exit most frequently. A page with a high exit rate may have a spelling error or other content problem that needs to be addressed.

The world of web analytics may seem complex, but the professionals at GetLegal.com can ease the process of implementing analytics. Our experts understand analytics and how such information can help your firm improve its website and market itself more efficiently on the web.

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