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adoptionThere are several types of adoption procedures that give people different options, whether they choose to adopt a child or deliver a child for adoption. Each type of adoption is specific to a circumstance and carries its own Adoption Laws.

Types of adoption:

  • Agency Adoption: Agencies assist mothers who wish to turn their children up for adoption and work to find the appropriate adoptive parents for the child.
  • Related adoption: Adoption through which a relative formally adopts the child in the event that the birth parents die or are unable to care for it.
  • Open Adoption: Fact files / Timeline connected to registered user’s dashboard and which will manage by sales executives LOI / Term sheets format to prepare and send to client’s dashboard
  • Adoption of stepparent: in this case, the biological mother or biological father remarries and the stepmother or stepfather decides to adopt the child.
  • Private Adoption: A person can resort to the help of an adoption lawyer to arrange a legal adoption without having to resort to an agency. Private adoptions can be more complicated, but, in many cases, they avoid the long waiting lists of adoption agencies.


Open Adoption

Currently, open adoption is a very common case in which the adoptive parents know the biological parents and keep in touch with them. Today, birth parents have some control over the identity of adoptive parents, and they can choose after investigating the biographies provided by the agency. Biological parents and adoptive parents may choose to meet and stay in touch during pregnancy. In many cases, adoptive parents can witness the birth of their child.

Closed Adoption

Currently, this type of adoption is rare, but at one time was widely used. During the process of this type of adoption, no information is given to the adoptive parents regarding the origin of the child or the identity of their biological parents. An agency or a social worker takes care of the case, the names of the adoptive parents are entered in a list and finally the child is found indicated according to its circumstances. After the adoption is carried out, the case files are usually closed and, in many cases, the child is unaware that it has been adopted. This type of adoption is more common in international adoption cases.

Adoption Costs

An adoption agency charges a fee that will cover the expenses of the birth mother (medical expenses, living expenses and therapy expenses). An agency may charge a fixed fee or work on a sliding scale that is determined by the income level of the adoptive family. However, public agencies often do not charge a fee to biological mothers for finding an appropriate home for the child.

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