More U.S. Executive & Administrative Resources

Executive Departments

  • The White House – Official website of the White House. Links to press briefings, executive orders, and a number of ”in focus” issues, such as the economy, immigration, and national security. Also includes information on current and past presidents and the Cabinet.
  • Office of Management and Budget – In-depth information about the U.S. budget, agencies and regulations, the president’s management agenda, and more.
  • Other executive departments – Links to the websites of Cabinet departments, independent agencies, federal boards and commissions, and more.

Presidential Documents

U.S. Military Resources

Administrative Agencies

  • SEC – Links to U.S. corporation filings, SEC decisions and memoranda, and more.
  • IRS – Links to U.S. tax forms, statistics, publications, and more.
  • EPA – Links to EPA regulations, guidance documents, technical reports, library resources, and more.
  • Other administrative agencies – Links to the websites of all U.S. administrative agencies.