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Grandparents Visitation Rights

Lea en español There is no federal law governing grandparents visitation rights, and states vary on this issue. At one time, all states allowed grandparents to ask the courts to consider their request for visitation. This is no longer the case. The first thing to do if you are a grandparent being denied visitation is […]

Child Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are given to the parent that does not have the primary custody of the child(ren) to have a right to visit for limited periods of time. This wouldn’t necessarily be case if the parents have joint custody. The visitation rights would be limited periods of time that are either agreed upon by the […]

Child Visitation

Lea en español Child visitation is determined by a court typically to protect the emotional well-being of a child during a divorce or separation in which child custody terms must be established. Often, the financial aspects of child support and its connection to visitation rights come into question. Child support is determined by the financial […]