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"Assuming the risk" as a defense

Lea en español “Assuming the risk” is a defense that a party can assert to try to limit or bar a plaintiff’s recovery in a tort action. A plaintiff is said to “assume the risk” when he  or she willingly and knowingly places himself or herself in a position where inherent risks are involved. The […]

Capitalizing on the E-Discovery Boom

The electronic discovery (“e-discovery”) market is predicted to grow 20 percent in the next year and exceed $4.6 billion by 2010, according to a recent e-discovery survey. The explosive growth of electronically stored information (ESI) has increased the cost and complexity of the e-discovery process and posed new challenges to clients. In response to the […]

Exhibits, Presentations and Animations

Strong communication skills are a powerful tool for attorneys. Exhibits, animations and presentations can help communicate points effectively in many areas of litigation. Because visual communication can be so persuasive and informative, it is applicable from trial preparation to the case’s conclusion. Visual Presentations During Trial Prep High-tech visual presentations are useful when conferring with […]


The volume of documents in discovery can be nearly unmanageable in any case of protracted litigation. The addition of electronically stored information (ESI) can complicate the process even more. Since the onset of electronic discovery, also known as e-discovery, many attorneys have found the discovery process overwhelming. However, a rapidly growing contingent of law firms […]

Plaintiff Funding

Plaintiff Support Services Plaintiff Support, the leader in pre- and post-settlement litigation funding, offers a number of non-recourse investments in plaintiffs’ litigation and appeals funding. Through our partnership with Plaintiff Support, GetLegal can assist individuals with everyday financial requirements during a pending personal injury case. Plaintiff Support offers a variety of options. A Plaintiff Pre-Settlement […]

Civil Litigation

Lea en español The Differences between Criminal Prosecution and Civil Litigation In the American legal structure, the laws and procedures are generally divided between the criminal justice system and the civil justice system. The factors that distinguish the two different legal paths include: The parties—In a criminal action, the party initiating the process is always […]