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The Implications of the Defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act

After DOMA – Cultural and Legal Changes Ahead? The Commerce Clause was given a rather wide interpretation in providing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the teeth thought necessary to prevent businesses from discriminating against Black Americans. Now that Supreme Court has found Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, will […]

Domestic Partnerships

Before same-sex marriage was widely recognized, many same-sex couples opted to enter into domestic partnerships. However, domestic partnerships were not limited to same-sex couples. In many states, counties, and municipalities, civil unions and domestic partnerships extended benefits, rights and responsibilities associated with marriage to same-sex couples. The benefits of a domestic partnership vary from state […]

State Divorce Laws

Alabama: Title 30, Chapter 2 Alaska: Title 25, Chapter 24 Arizona: Title 25, Chapter 3 Arkansas: Title 9, Subtitle 2, § 12 California: Family Code, Division 6, Part 3 Colorado: Title 14, Article 10 Connecticut: Title 46, Chapter 815j Delaware: Title 13, Chapter 15 District of Columbia: Title 16, Chapter 9 Florida: Title 6, Chapter […]

Petitioner v. Respondent

The terms petitioner and respondent are synonyms for the titles plaintiff and defendant. They are more commonly used for certain types of cases dealing with divorce and family law. The person who initiates the lawsuit is the petitioner and the person who is identified as the person being sued is the respondent.

Divorce Order of Protection

Sometimes, in the midst of a heated custody battle or divorce settlement, a spouse may out of intense emotions seek an Order of Protection even though they are not in any real danger. Though a court must be convinced of such an order, it is sometimes not possible for the court to discern the truth. […]

Judgment of a legal separation

Legal separation is a formal judgment issued by a court of law that focuses on all the issues concerning a marriage, with the exception of marital status. A judgment of a legal-separation lawsuit leaves the couple with the legal status of married and an agreement of obligations that each spouse has to the other. Spouses […]

Family Law and Divorce

Lea en español When things aren’t going well in your family—the bonds between you and your spouse have been broken, or you’ve been unable to build a family—the emotional challenges can make it difficult to take the right steps to protect yourself. Uncertainty about what the future holds can cause significant stress and anxiety. Often, […]