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Farmers Branch to pay legal fees, end rental case

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas (AP) – A Dallas-area city will pay $1.4 million to end its defense of a failed ordinance that would have banned immigrants living in the U.S. illegally from renting apartments. The Dallas Morning News reports the Farmers Branch City Council on Tuesday approved paying the mediated legal fees of plaintiffs. Lawyers […]

How Do You Become Deportable?

By Michael J. Spychalski Bailey and Galyen July 2, 2012 There are many grounds for removal/deportation in many different categories. Removability and deportability mean the same thing. If you are inadmissible at your time of entry into the country, you are deportable. A person who violates his or her nonimmigration status, such as a visitor […]

Immigration Attorneys Fight for Reform

By Anna Marie Macías February 18, 2009 Over the past five years, over 80 immigrants have died in the custody of U.S. immigration agents. Immigrant advocates suggest that some of those deaths might not have occurred if the detainees had received medical care. Recurring complaints of mistreatment of detained immigrants prompted Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) […]

Immigration Visa Categories

A: Issued to diplomats and employees of foreign governments who come to the U.S. to work at an embassy or consulate for their country. This includes a foreign ambassador, a consul and their staffs. The A visa also includes the family members of the diplomatic staff. B: Used for foreign visitors to the U.S. for […]

Feds’ Medical Escort Service Questioned

A class-action lawsuit against the government claims abuse and drug-induced exits from the country. Two plaintiffs in the case tell CNN that they were both drugged when they questioned their circumstances. According to, Raymond Soeoth of Indonesia and Amadou Diouf of Senegal say they were injected with anti-psychotic drugs against their will during the […]

Immigration Terms

Lea en español Important Terms Related to Immigration and Naturalization The following terms are commonly used in immigration and naturalization proceedings: Asylum: Legal protection granted to foreign nationals in the United States who have experienced or will face persecution in their home country based on race, religion, nationality, social affiliation or political opinion, allowing them […]