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Living Wills & Medical Directives

Lea en español Living Wills—Honoring Your Wishes in Life Threatening Situations With the technology available to medical professionals today, you can be kept alive for weeks, months or years through artificial life support, even if you are in an irreversible coma. A living will allows you to specify the type of care you want when […]

Writing your own will

Lea en español A will written by you for yourself is called a holographic will. States vary on laws and overall acceptance of holographic wills. States that do allow this type of will usually have strict rules regarding enforceability. For instance, a valid holographic might need multiple witnesses to your signature or require the entire […]

Living Wills

Living wills, or advance directives, allow decisions to be made in advance in case a person ever becomes dependant on medical life support. They are a result of medical advances that give doctors the ability to sustain life even when a person is in a coma or vegetative state. A living will allows a person […]