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Does a Divorce Decree Absolve You From Liability for Marital Debts?

Suppose you have marital property secured by collateral—a house, boat or car, for instance—and you go through a divorce. During the proceedings, you negotiate a property settlement whereby your ex gets one of those items—the house, let’s say—and there’s still a mortgage on it. Suppose your ex has a really good job and pays the […]

Breach of a Promise to Marry

A promise to marry has been recognized by many courts in the nineteenth century. This would usually occur if a man proposed marriage and the woman accepts but then the man backed out before the marriage took place. This lawsuit can be based on the breach-of-contract theory. Today, however, most courts do not recognize the […]

Engagement Rings and the Objective Rule

The objective rule is the rule that states if an engagement is called off, the prospective bride must return the engagement ring, regardless of which party broke off the engagement. The engagement usually begins when the male proposes marriage to the female, and if the female accepts she is then given an engagement ring. The […]

Postnuptial agreements

A postnuptial agreement, also referred to as postmarital agreement or a postnup, is a contract between two people, written during their marriage, for specifying and protecting the assets of both parties in the event the marriage comes to an unnatural end. Postnups may be entered after a marital rift or after significant financial gain or […]

Importance of an engagement ring

Most people don’t know that giving an engagement ring in promise of marriage is a much bigger and legal commitment than one might think. For example, if the man ends the relationship and there is no prenuptial agreement, he is no longer permitted to receive the ring back. The basis for a prenuptial agreement is […]