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Domestic partnership registration

Although same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in the majority of U.S. states, many states offer domestic partnership registration, which grants partners a certificate similar to a marriage certificate. This registered status may impact health coverage, visitation rights in health care facilities or jails, joint property purchases or other legal matters. It is important to […]

Requirements for a common-law marriage

Despite what some people believe, a common-law marriage does not simply depend on how long the partners have lived together. Most states do not even require a specific period of time for cohabitation. Instead, most require that partners live together for a considerable amount of time, hold each other out as a married couple and […]


Lea en español The Legal Benefits of Marriage Related GetLegal.TV Videos Click here for more family law videos Persons who are legally married have long enjoyed a wide range of benefits in the United States, including: Employment benefits—health insurance, family leave, bereavement leave Family benefits: o Adoption rights and joint foster care rights, o The […]