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Injury and Tort Law

Websites General Tort Law Overview – Links to recent federal and state decisions, as well as other resources. Theories of Tort Law – Article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Class Action Litigation – Comprehensive source of news, legal and government resources, medical information, and more pertaining to class action lawsuits. Accidents and injuries Consumer […]

Reform in Health Care : Care Is Better in States Without Barriers to Justice

by Texas Watch Foundation Jan. 16, 2008 Full report available at Texas Watch, a nonpartisan consumer advocacy organization We’ve all heard the argument made by insurance companies and the medical industry: So-called tort “reform” leads to better health care. Well, guess what? It ain’t so. The truth is that patients in states with arbitrary restrictions […]

COMMENTARY: Vioxx Suit & the Greatest Posturing of All Time

by Robert A. Schwartz, Attorney at Law Nov. 12, 2007 After more than three years of telling the world that it did nothing wrong and that it will defend itself case by case for as long as it takes, Merck did a 180-degree turn when it announced Nov. 9 that it had settled most of […]