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Premises Liability: Who Is Responsible?

When someone enters your property, they have a reasonable expectation of not getting injured. This means that you, as a property owner (or non-owner resident), are responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment. This is known as “premises liability.” For example, a courier delivering a package may sue you for injuries if he slips and […]

Liability Waivers for Property Owners

Waivers of liability vary in wording but essentially are attempts by organizations to limit their liability for injuries that occur on their property. These waivers are becoming increasingly common as organizations attempt to limit their liability. Signing a waiver of liability, however, does not necessarily mean the organization is free from responsibility for injuries that […]

Premises Liability

Lea en español Under the common law of every state, the owner or possessor of real property, whether residential or commercial, has a duty to maintain the land, sidewalks, driveways, and structures in ways that minimize the risk of injury to certain visitors on the property. This concept is known under the law as premises […]