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Limited Liability Companies

Lea en español The Development of the Limited Liability Company The legislatures of most states have enacted laws in the last quarter of a century authorizing a legal entity known as a limited liability company (LLC). The motivation behind the creation of this business form was a desire for simplification, coupled with a need to […]

How and Where a Slip-and-Fall Injury Occurs

Lea en español Slip-and-fall injuries aren’t limited to grocery stores and fast-food restaurants. A slip-and-fall cause of action can arise anytime you suffer a slip-and-fall injury as a result of a defective condition on someone’s property. Defective conditions include a wet spot on the floor, a rotted piece of wood or even poor lighting.  But […]

Slip and Fall Accidents

Lea en español Supermarket Slip and Fall Accidents by Margarita Gutierrez, Attorney at Law April 8, 2008 If you slip and fall in a supermarket, the first thing to do is to get up carefully. Better yet, pull yourself together on the floor before you get up. What you do in the next few hours […]

Theme Park Accidents : Faulty Rides or Faulty Inspections?

The Amusement Industry Dilemma by Laura Smith Aug. 9, 2007 Summertime is full of water parks, theme parks, amusement parks — and sometimes death and injury. It seems that more and more accidents or mishaps are taking place worldwide within the amusement industry. Earlier this summer, a roller coaster car derailed at Expoland theme park […]

Premises Liability

Lea en español Under the common law of every state, the owner or possessor of real property, whether residential or commercial, has a duty to maintain the land, sidewalks, driveways, and structures in ways that minimize the risk of injury to certain visitors on the property. This concept is known under the law as premises […]

Accidents and Injuries

Lea en español You can take all the necessary precautions—pay close attention while you are driving, carefully research products before you buy them, seek the best medical care—and you can still experience the life-changing consequences of a personal injury. When you cannot work because of someone else’s carelessness, or need extensive medical treatment because of […]