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Other Professional Malpractice

Lea en español Professional malpractice is an area of legal practice, dealing with an individual professional’s or a business’s wrongdoing or negligence that causes injury or damage. A few typical examples of professional malpractice are breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, mismanagement, errors in judgment, misconduct or carelessness. Though the most common type of professional malpractice […]

Professional Liability Insurance

All legal professionals who run their own business need professional liability insurance. This coverage protects both law firms and individuals against financial loss from lawsuits filed against them by their clients. Attorneys and other legal practitioners have high levels of technical knowledge and are hired to use that knowledge. In most cases, it’s the ideal […]

Attorney Malpractice Claims

The price that an attorney may charge you, even if you think it may be a little extreme is generally not a malpractice issue. Generally, as with other cases, if the lawyer’s fee is outrageous and inconsistent to the services received, you might have a case, probably in small claims court. But before running to […]

How to handle attorney malpractice

If you believe the attorney you asked to represent you in a case did not handle things correctly, did not work with you about the case and maybe didn’t even remember your name, and you feel the guilty verdict could have been avoided, you may be able to appeal the verdict on the basis of […]