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Wrongful-Death Damages

Lea en español Wrongful death is a tort claim that occurs as a result of negligent conduct by a defendant. Most of the recoverable damages in a wrongful death suit are directed toward the survivors of the victim. Some of the recoverable economic damages include medical and funeral expenses, loss of future earnings, loss of […]

Suit Questions Liability of Alcohol-Related Death

Lea en español by Kathy Tatone, Attorney at Law March 20, 2008 Amanda Jax died of alcohol poisoning with a 0.46 blood alcohol level in October 2007. She died the morning after her 21st birthday, a few hours after celebrating with friends at Sidelines Bar & Grill in Mankato, Minn. Her parents filed the expected […]

COMMENTARY: The Corporate Reaction to Defective Product Litigation

by Robert A. Schwartz, Attorney at Law Sept. 26, 2007 Nine-month-old Liam John died of asphyxiation in his crib on April 11, 2005. The drop rail had detached from its plastic track, creating a gap through which Liam slipped feet-first. Instead of falling to the floor, which could have been bad enough, Liam’s head became […]

Theme Park Accidents : Faulty Rides or Faulty Inspections?

The Amusement Industry Dilemma by Laura Smith Aug. 9, 2007 Summertime is full of water parks, theme parks, amusement parks — and sometimes death and injury. It seems that more and more accidents or mishaps are taking place worldwide within the amusement industry. Earlier this summer, a roller coaster car derailed at Expoland theme park […]

Wrongful Death

Lea en español When a member of your family dies because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you have a right to seek compensation for your losses, including the support they would have provided, any funeral and burial expenses, and, in some states, for loss of companionship or consortium. A wrongful death lawsuit […]