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Legal Help for Consumers; Connections for Attorneys!

Consumers, can you access professional legal help with the push of a button, at a time when you need immediate advice?

Attorneys, are you visible to the millions of
consumers who utilize the internet for legal education and assistance?

GetLegal Launches AttyAssist Platform

With today’s technology, consumers have come to expect instant information, and immediate access to help.. At GetLegal, our mission is simple, but far-reaching – to become the “go-to” destination for consumers of legal information and services. Since we launched our first successful online venture——in 1999, GetLegal has developed an outstanding reputation as being a premier innovator in the online legal marketplace, both for consumers and legal practitioners alike.

With an eye toward continuing our history of revolutionizing the industry, GetLegal is pleased to announce yet another milestone in the evolution of attorney-client collaboration: the all new GetLegal AttyAssist platform. Simply put, AttyAssist connects inquiring consumers to qualified available attorneys, immediately and privately. With a touch of a button, consumers are instantly collaborating with a local attorney in a specific practice area, sharing information by text, audio, video, screen share and document upload. Instant legal assistance at your fingertips, by desktop, smartphone or tablet.

GetLegal, Your Legal Authority. Give GetLegal a test drive at Attorneys, jump on board the AttyAssist platform by calling 877.359.7077.

At GetLegal, It’s Time to Know.


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